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We sorted through hundreds of videos and ranked the five best “All About The Bass” covers available on YouTube right now. Enjoy! Texan singer Tanner patrick just made “All About That Bass” much more appealing to teen girls without all the Bieber the Team Gwen singer probably would have had no hope of getting to the top based on her mellow reggae performances, but during the live playoffs Anita Antoinette managed to wow viewers with her spin on Megan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.” A new Anita The country star will perform with the “All About That Bass” singer at the Country Music Awards “Bass” is spending its eighth week on top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The doo-wop pop song has sold more than 3 million tracks so far. Demi Lovato took to Twitter to speak about mental health awareness following the “All About That Bass” singer Meghan Trainor’s comments about Twitter Online News & Followers: These Top Celebrities Have Quit the Popular Social Media Network Social “Clark is one of the best bass players I’ve ever heard,” McCullough says by I’ve transcribed a lot of African singers, and studied their phrasing, but I never consciously think, ‘Now I’m going to play this 400-year old folk melody.’” The student group will perform classic and contemporary tunes including “Daddy Sang Bass” and “Kentucky Waltz Pellissippi assistant professor of music. The Fisk Jubilee Singers perform at the University of Tennessee’s Cox Auditorium in the Alumni .

The best part about this video is the part where they eat the cheeseburgers and fries. The second best part is bass vocalist Avi Kaplan bringing it home with his rendition of Meghan Trainor’s hit single “All About That Bass.” There are some slight After a big anniversary, the Cantata Singers and music director David Hoose opened their 51st season on Saturday doing what they do best. Two of J enveloping chorus and a stentorian recitative (by bass Mark Andrew Cleveland) offered imperative The second week of live performance rounds on The Voice concluded Tuesday, with all three North Texas-bred contestants advancing to the top 10. Burleson’s Reagan Colbie Caillat and All About That Bass singer Meghan Trainor. He took the hit song “All About That Bass” by pop singer Meghan Trainor and turned it into a song about the Bulldogs called “All About That State.” It almost certainly won’t be the best song that you’ll hear today, but it’s one of the most .

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