Abstract Painting Artist


For you who adore for paintings, you should be not strange with the famous abstract artists such as Frida Kahlo, the Mexican artist that characterize herself into self portrait paint with bold, vibrant color, and passion with pain. Her tragic life when she becomes suffer from accident shown in her emotional painting that depicted in her paint in canvases. From her famous 200 paintings, about 55 are her self-portrait. The greatest and famous painting from her is The Broken Column where she has depicted as naked and her spines broken into decorative column.

Abstract Painting

The other famous abstract artist is Salvador Dali that has explore and experience from several different art forms with styles that lead him into the next point of his own style. Dali is Surrealist artist that depict theme from his painting.  Most of his artwork shows the dream sequence that comes from his hallucinatory.  His most contribution to Surrealist is “paranoiac critical method” which forms the mental exercises that access the subconscious mind and become the arts inspiration.  This method use dreams and imagination in mind and then realize it into reality world and not necessary for what it will be.

The other artist that famous with his abstract painting is Wassily Kandinsky. He is the Russian painter that liberates painting from any representational service and pioneer in abstract movement.  The period Wassily work for his art is period where art, especially abstract development going mature. He is pioneer where painter creates artwork that comes from deep emotional feeling and came from inner artist feeling. This means that they created artwork that comes from their experience and then make the new one form that comes from the inner felling. These three abstract artists could be your recommendation artist that you need to know if you want to know better about abstract development.

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