Artists of Impressionism


People can see the development of art which can show them the distinctive difference between classic and modern style. Just like any other thing in this world associated with human activity, there is no question that it is very interesting to learn more about art which becomes the product of human thought activity. When people are talking about art, there is no question that people will talk about the artists who are able to create the masterpiece in every style. Various kinds of art style can be found including in painting.

Artists of Impressionism

From various styles of painting which can be found, people maybe are pretty familiar with impressionism style. This painting style becomes the start to the modern painting style which is applied by many artists. Nowadays, people are able to find various kinds of paintings with modern style but of course people must not ignore the masterpiece which is made by pioneer in modern art such asGauguin. He is well known as the artist with post impressionist style which has characteristic with stark contrast as well as bold colors. It is interesting that he had no formal training for art and he was stockbroker who became artist. His works are influenced a lot by the work ofPaul Cezanne.

It is true that the work of art cannot be separated from the influence of other artists. The influence can be found from the formal or non formal learning of art after all. If people want to know more about art, of course it is important for them to learn more about the works of other artists. When it is about the work of impressionism artist, people should learn more about the artwork of Van Gogh who must be one of the most important impressionism artists. His masterpiece surely is well known and loved by people until today.

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