Taste of Art of Modern Artists


When people are talking about art, it seems like people recognize some artists which have very huge name. However, many people are familiar with the legend in the art world from the classic genre for instance. In fact, just like human being, the art is also developed with the development of human being and society. People will be able to find many artists with modern genre which get very great respect in this world such as Gegorgia O’Keeffe. She is American painter who is very famous. Unlike other artists who have to go through various changes in the art form, she was able to avoid it. Her style resembles the American pictorialism style and European abstract style.

Modern Artists arts paintings

There are still more modern artists who are able to bring the great change in the world with the pop art. Salvador Dali must be the next artist from modern art genre which can be found in the world. He can be called as one of the most well-known artist who was born in Spain. His works include the painting as well as sculpture work. He is not only painter and sculpture artist because he also works as graphic artist as well as designer. Various art forms have been experienced by him during his career. One thing for sure, he is famous of his surreal style which is applied on his painting as well as other art works.

If people are looking for the most well-known artist in the pop art history, Roy Lichtenstein must be considered for sure. He has great contribution to pop art genre. He creates the art work with pop art style in graphic form. His graphic work comes with the colors as well as images which are catchy and bright. This characteristic becomes the trademark which is owned by him as one of the most inspiring artist in the pop art history.

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