Converting Your Favorite Music Videos for iTunes with the Movavi Video Converter

Do you have a great collection of music videos on your PC that you like to listen to from time to time? If you’d like to be able to add that collection to your iTunes so that you can play them on your Apple devices such as your Mac, iPhone or iPad – you need to be able to convert your music videos into the right format and with the right settings, and then upload it to iTunes too.

music videos on phone

If that sounds a bit complicated and a bit beyond your comfort zone – don’t worry. The Movavi Video Converter actually makes it quite easy and all you need to do to convert and add your music videos to iTunes is:

  1. Click ‘Add Video’ (or ‘Add DVD’ if you’re adding a DVD) and select the music video that you’d like to convert. Assuming you want to convert more than one you can select multiple videos simultaneously.
  2. Open up the ‘Convert to’ dropdown list and choose the ‘Devices’ section. Find the ‘Apple’ listing and then choose the model that you want to convert your file for. It is worth noting that all the listings use the same format, but the resolution will be optimized based on the Apple device you choose.
  3. Set the ‘Destination’ field if you’d like to save your converted music video in a specific folder, and right below it make sure the ‘Add to iTunes’ checkbox is ticked.
  4. Click ‘Convert’ to start the conversion process.

Once the conversion is done, the Movavi Video Converter will automatically upload your music video to iTunes and you can then use it on any of your Apple devices. Essentially it will act as a complete iTunes converter, and you can also use some of its other features to edit, transform, or enhance your video if you need to. That way you can get it to look exactly the way that you want.

By optimizing your music video for specific Apple devices, you can rest easy knowing that it will be using the best possible resolution while at the same time not ‘wasting’ space by using excessively high resolutions. Alternatively you could also do the same but for other devices and platforms – all the tools are right there in the Movavi Video Converter and you can put them to good use.

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