Need a New Game to Play? 3 Reasons to Play Family Farm Seaside

Whether you have an iPhone, Android or another smart phone in between, it is likely that you are always looking for the next fun app to download or game to play. When deciding on what to download next, consider family farm seaside. It is colorful, interactive and fun for the whole family! You can even play on Facebook if you don’t have a phone to download it on. Look at these reasons to consider.

It is Interactive

The game is similar to the age-old Farmville, in the sense that it centers on planting crops and taking care of a farm. However, Family Farm Seaside takes it to a whole new level with daily tasks that have to be completed. You get the advantage of what it feels like to take care of a farm and crops, without all the extra physical labor and hard work that goes into it.

It is family oriented

With the bright colors and multiple animals and characters, it makes this game easy to understand for little ones. The game starts out very simply so kids should be able to play this game without much assistance. The content is also kid-friendly and can help develop cognitive and reasoning skills no matter their age. Older children may enjoy later content because it gets more sporadic and difficult.

It has long gameplay

This game has a virtually never-ending gameplay. It has multiple “worlds” which contain multiple levels within each world. There are also holiday updates which add new levels and quests for each given holiday such as Halloween and Christmas. Because of the consistent updates with additional levels, and daily tasks/quests, you will never run out of things to do and fun to have.

As you can see, Family Farm Seaside is a great game that can be great for kids and adults alike. It is available on both major app markets, and can also be linked to Facebook, or even just played alone through your email. Next time you’re trying to decide what to download and play, consider Family Farm Seaside, and you are sure to not be disappointed.

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