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The Biggest Performing Arts Fair in the West: Hollywood Fringe Festival Los Angeles is a home to a whole heap of stunning and enticing theatrical productions at such settings as the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, the Pantages Theatre as well as the Geffen Playhouse. On the other hand, the most exclusive scenes for theater is the Hollywood Fringe Festival which is celebrated yearly during the month of June. The History of Hollywood Fringe Festival The Hollywood Fringe Festival began in Edinburgh, Scotland in the year 1947 when a certain group of entertainers and other performers who were not selected for the Edinburgh International Festival decided to generate a stage built on the city limits. The word spread so fast and sooner, there were a whole heap of stages that has been circiling around the town’s friend which gave rise to the names of these festive. The idea persisted to grow and at the present time, there are a lot of fringe celebrations on the east coast which includes the Minnesota Fringe, Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, and New York International Fringe Festival. Fringe Verity The HFF or Hollywood Fringe Festival was began in the year 2010 by the present Executive Director Ben Hill. During the first few years, the HFF make use of more than 30 places for about almost 190 shows with 800 presentations and sold 17000 tickets. And in 2013, the Hollywood Fringe Festival have grown into 52 venues wherein there are 204 participants for the show and with 1053 performances that have result to 35000 tickets sold and a more than hundred percent increase in just 4 years.
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In May 29, 2013 at 7PM the Hollywood Fringe Festival started and there was a benefit night which was held at the King Club on the Hollywood Boulevard that featured the cabaret-style samples for that year’s shows as well as the silent auction and comeback of Bryan’s Bar.
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The festival that will take place this year will feature the return of Fringe Central tent that will take place in the old post office building in their parking lot which is located across the 6455 Santa Monica Boulevard Complex. And the festival this year is composed of 287 people participating the show with 1466 performances at 55 places. And Ben Hill who is the current executive director of HFF or Hollywood Fringe Festival said this: “Since we began in 2010, we’ve been working year round to develop a fertile ground for artists to develop great works. Each June we provide a time and a place for the performing arts in Los Angeles. We really like our jobs.” The Hollywood Fringe Festival is really a great means to unwind especially if you are stressed.

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